My Exciting Trip to Fezzan Region: Stunning Lakes, Thrilling Desert Experience, and Wonderful Poetry Nights.

My trip to the Fezzan region in southern Libya was a unique and enjoyable experience. I spent a week at the Qamar Al-Sahara Resort in Tuwiwa – Ubari, and visited many beautiful lakes in the area.

I visited several stunning lakes in the area, including Qabr Aoun, Umm Al-Maa, Umm Al-Hissan, Mofu, and Tarona. Each lake was breathtaking in its own way, and the surrounding natural scenery was stunning.

In addition, I enjoyed a thrilling desert experience with off-road vehicles. This experience was exciting and enjoyable, and the natural scenery surrounding us was breathtaking. The sandy terrain added a touch of adventure to my trip, and I highly recommend trying it.

In the evening, there were many poetry nights and folk songs that were very enjoyable. This experience was unique and exciting and was an excellent opportunity to enjoy the local culture and meet the wonderful people in the area.

My trip to the Fezzan region was a unique and enjoyable experience, and I highly recommend visiting this beautiful area and if you have any questions about planning your trip, email me at or Instagram me at @Mohammed_Zaid20.

Special Thanks to Alber Association for organizing this tourism trip.

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